About me

My name is Markus Pfahler, I'm 20 years old, a Media Designer and Hobby-Photographer. My nickname "Pfahli" has its origin in my family, as my second name is "Pfahler".


Before I started with serious photography, I only had few experience with DSLRs. My brother had a Canon EOS 1000D, which convinced me to get a DSLR too. In 2011, I decided to buy a 1100D, a entry-level DSLR that Canon introduced. It was a great and solid camera for beginners like me. The 18-55mm IS II kit-lens produced passable results but created an appetit for more lenses. I extended my equipment with the 55-250mm IS II Zoom-Lens and in 2012 with a Nifty-Fifty (50mm)-Lens with a fixed focal length.

In 2014, Canon introduced the EOS 70D. It had an excellent focus-technology and almost everything I missed on the 1100D. The STM-Lens in combination with the phase-focus had some really good advantages and as I was interested in videography, this was the camera to go with before getting a full-frame-camera.

In November 2014, my equipment has been extended with an 24-105mm L-Lens that should offer a decent image-quality.


Even though I rarely publish my videos, I did also collect some experience with videography by making videos for youth groups and local communities.

Media Design

I have been interested in Media Design since launching one of my projects, konsolen-news.net. Since then I made a few designs and started a apprenticeship in Media Design in 2014.